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Choose your own adventure!

The Check-In

single 50-min session


$100 save 30%

A single session ideal for those who want to dip their toes before committing to a wellness journey, or for those who only need occasional support on their (mostly) solo trek.

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The Joyride

Four (4) 50-min sessions


$360 save 30%

Start easy with a month-long ride to wellness which includes 4 coaching sessions, access to fitness training and nutrition resources, accountability check-ins, and extra help between sessions.

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The Real Deal

twelve (12) 50-min sessions


$1,200 save 30%

Jump in with both feet with a 3-month journey to wellness! This is the best option to build and cement good long term habits. Includes all which the Joyride offers plus a certificate of completion at the end of the 12 weeks.

Save 30% during our launch promotion!

What do programs include?

All programs include a one-on-one coaching lesson with a follow-up message summarizing your goals and targets. The 4 and 12 week programs offer additional benefits, on top of saving you money.

The Joyride (4 week program)

  • Discounted bundle rate
  • One-on-one coaching meeting(s) with your wellness coach
  • Access to fitness training resources
  • Access to nutrition and healthy living resources
  • Personalized insights, tips and recommendations throughout the week
  • Weekly stats and improvement tracking

The Real Deal (12 week program)

  • Everything in The Joyride in addition to;
  • An even more steeply discounted bundle rate
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the program

Begin Your Journey

Work with a Wellness Coach that will accompany you on the path to wellness, supporting you every step of the way.